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a journal of art and code

25 January 1978
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Music, Art, Code, and random rants. stalk me, comment anonymously, send me hate mail, whatever makes you happy.
3d animation, a23, ableton, assemblage 23, astral projection, berimbau, bt, c, c code, c coder, c coding, c programming, c#, c# code, c# coder, c# coding, c# programming, c++, c++ code, c++ coder, c++ coding, c++ programming, cakewalk, capoeira, cgfx, character rigger, character td, djing, ebm, goa, hlsl, industrial, live, m-audio, machinima, maya, maya api, maya plug-ins, maya programming, mel, mel script, mel scripting, mel scripts, photoshop, progressive house, project5, propellerheads, python, python code, python coder, python programming, python script, python scripting, python scripts, reason, remix, rigger, shader, shader coding, shader writing, shaders, synthpop, ta, td, technical art, technical artist, technical director, video games